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About Us

About Cacao Artesanos

Simply put: we love cacao

We were first introduced to this beloved chocolatey goodness while staying on a cacao farm in Guatemala. The farm was beautiful, and the fresh, full bodied cacao they served was unforgettable. We were hooked. Lucky for us, Guatemalans and Mexicans were centuries ahead and even have cafes dedicated to cacao (and churros…). The stage was set for a love affair of the most delicious.

Three years later and we are back in the United Kingdom. No matter how many supermarkets and health food shops we scoured, we couldn’t find the cacao paste that we adored. We tried different types of cacao powder, but were always left disappointed (learn more about the difference between cacao paste and powder). Something had to be done – and that is how Cacao Artesanos was born!

This biz is a recipe of all the things we love and we are delighted to share them with you.

While living in Mexico we spent years buying our own cacao in block/slab form. This was great, but it got a little frustrating having to chop up/grate the cacao each time we wanted to use it.

We chop up the cacao slabs – getting the perfect crumbly effect that allows the cacao to be easily melted into your own special concoction.

Same traditional and artisan product – but added convenience!

What We Love

100% pure cacao paste. That’s it! No added chemicals. No preservatives. No added nasties! Vegan. Gluten Free. Paleo & Keto Friendly.

We direct trade, (not just fair trade). We pay premium prices to farmers that value the artisanal nature of their cacao and helps to ensure that they can continue to sustainably farm with practices that honour the earth.

Our cacao paste is prepared in the same way as it has for thousands of years – fermented and sun dried to perfection.

For us – the most essential difference is the taste. You could think of it like artisan ground coffee beans v instant. Cocoa and cacao powder have had the cocoa butter milled out of them, leaving a pallid, chalky powder. By retaining the cacao butter, our whole bean paste preserves the full and rich flavour that is quintessentially chocolate!

We intentionally sourced from very special farmers who share our values. We believe that backing farmers who grow from the heart and honour mother earth, is the best way that we as a business, (and as individual consumers), can contribute to a sustainable future. Our artisans are dedicated to sustainable and biodynamic farming practices. We’ve invested in compostable pouches and packing peanuts. Our stickers are biodegradable. The rest of our packaging is recyclable & reusable.

Cacao Artesanos cacao paste is literally choca block full of health benefits for the body, mind and the soul. Cacao is the richest naturally occurring source of magnesium and the richest plant based source of iron. It also contains some very unique mood-boosting compounds – so it helps us to feel good. Learn more.

Cacao beans in basket

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if a product is truly ethically sourced and the impact of that product on the environment and the beings who helped produce it. We’ve spent a lot of time umming and ahhing at supermarket shelves wondering if a purchase is something we really want to support.

Supporting artisan cacao farmers is the reason we do what we do. We intentionally source from very special farms who share our values. We are picky – about our suppliers, the quality of the cacao and the ethicacy of our whole business.

Cacao Artesanos is an expression of who we are and what is important to us. We hope you resonate.

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