Our Artisans

Our Artisans

We don’t just fair trade, we direct trade.

We pay premium prices that not only value the artisanal nature of our delicious cacao but also protects our growers from market fluctuations.

We intentionally source from very special farmers who share our values. We believe that backing cacao artisans who grow from the heart and honour mother earth, is the best way that we as a business, (and as individual consumers), can contribute to a sustainable future.

Bali cacao artisan

Jembrana, Bali

Cacao Artisans: Ubud Raw, Bali

Our Indonesian Raw cacao is sourced from Ubud Raw in Jembrana, Indonesia. This amazing farming collective is certified organic (so free from pesticides, preservatives and additives!).

They have made a commitment to limit their use of plastic, and where they do use plastic, they offset this usage with their ecobrik program. They also support gender equality by delegating most of the managerial roles to women.

They farm biodynamically – this is a holistic approach to farming in which the whole garden is seen as an integrated and whole living organism. In order for the garden to flourish, all the interdependent elements of the farm, (including plants and animals), must be in balance to support the health and vitality of the whole. Biodynamic plants are grown in living soil, free from chemical fertilizers or hydroponic growing.

Balinese artisans

This cacao is single origin, meaning that the unique flavour profile of the jungles of Jembrana remain intact. Supporting single origin also aids in the preservation of precious heirloom species.

Prayers and offerings are given every morning before the Balinese team go to work. The love and care of this cacao paste really did start from the root.


As a customer, you join us in our mission to share the produce of heart based, earth conscious, cacao artisans from around the world.


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