Cacao Recipes & Musings

This is a collection of our favourite recipes featuring our delicious cacao paste. We never need an excuse to find more ways to incorporate cacao into our lives. All these recipes have been tried and tested. We LOVE receiving inspiring recommendations from you, so please contact us with recipe inspo – you may even see it featured on our social media or our website.

Also below are our musings about all things cacao. Things you never knew, and things you never knew you never knew!

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One Bowl. HEALTHY. Cacao loaded Banana Bread

I put this together when I was under the weather (ta Covid 😓) and needed something very simple but uplifting. Our lovely customer Dan, actually planted the seed months ago when he mentioned that he made an amazing banana bread using our cacao. This recipe is inspired by one crafted by Cookie and Kate (although […]

3 Common Mistakes when making your Morning Cacao*

*and how to avoid them If you’ve tried our cacao and don’t quite get what all the fuss is about, then you probably haven’t quite mastered the art of preparing it. 😉 Implement these tips and we can almost guarantee that it’ll be a WHOLE new experience. We’ve played around over the years and figured […]

Cacao: the Queen of the Happy Hormones

Today we wanted to celebrate four of the well-known hormones that are naturally found in cacao and that are scientifically proven help to regulate our mood, promote happiness and pleasure. We’ve detailed each of these bad boys in the images below. There are lots of ways that we can naturally produce these happy hormones. Dopamine […]

7 Ingredient, Vegan, Nut Butter Hemp Bars

These are so easy to whip up – no special equipment, basically just combine and freeze! This is also our fav recipe we’ve made to date! We made a batch to take up to friends in London, they didn’t last long! Gorgeous pic and recipe adapted from the lovely Jade from Panaceas Pantry. Jade’s recipes […]


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