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Available in chunks or pre-chopped for convenience. Pick your preference!

Flavour Profile: Quite frankly, this is the crème de la crème of cacao. We’ve tasted cacao from across the globe and this is hands down the most delicious. Expect a rich and full flavour. Also expect full power potency of bliss-inducing compounds.

Our Indonesian ceremonial cacao paste is particularly rare and special, as it is RAW! The paste is made simply by fermenting and drying the beans, then grinding into a paste. Great care is taken to keep temperatures below 50 degrees. The fact that this cacao is raw and processed by highly experienced chocolate makers in Bali means that it maintains the highest concentration of essential minerals, antioxidants, and the phenomenal compounds that make us feel amazing.

This very special cacao is grown on the lush island of Bali, one of the great spiritual epicenters of the world. The Balinese team offer prayers and offerings every morning before commencing work. Each farm has a “pelinggih”, or shrine, from which they offer devotions to both Pacha Mama and Hindu gods. Learn more about this inspiring collective.

Perfect size to kickstart the love affair! 
16+ daily servings | 10-15g per serving
8+ strong servings, for an extra energy boost | 25-30g per serving
5+ ceremonial servings | 45+g per serving

You receive 1 x 250gram (net) pouch.

This is the real deal. 100% pure, whole bean cacao paste – no added chemicals or preservatives. Our cacao paste delivers tons of incredible health benefits that are literally stripped away in the processing of cacao beans into cacao paste and/or cocoa.  Learn about how cacao paste is good for the mind, body and soul. 

For us – the most essential difference is the taste. You could think of our cacao paste v regular cacao powder like artisan ground coffee beans v instant. Cocoa and cacao powder have had the cocoa butter milled out of them, leaving a pallid, chalky powder. By retaining the cacao butter, our whole bean paste preserves the delicious flavour that is quintessentially chocolate! Learn the difference between cacao paste and cacao powder.

Your cacao paste comes in a compostable pouch (yip, you can simply pop it in your home compost!) Sticker is biodegradable. The rest of our packaging is either fully compostable OR recycled, recyclable & reusable.

We’re a family-run, micro business and don’t have the capacity to turn your order around in 24 hours like Amazon. We process your orders as quickly as we can, but please allow 2-3 business days for us to dispatch your cacao. Thank you for your understanding and for support of us as a small biz!


Our Balinese Raw Cacao is single origin, meaning that is all grown in a single location – the lush, Jembrana region of Bali. Single origin ensures that the unique taste profile of the Jembrana region remain in tact (fine wines and coffee beans also have a unique flavour depending on their terroir). Supporting single origin also aids in the preservation of precious heirloom species, unique to each region.

Balinese Raw is grown biodynamically. This is a holistic approach to farming in which the whole garden is seen as an integrated and whole living organism. In order for the garden to flourish, all the interdependent elements of the farm, (including plants and animals), must be in balance to support the health and vitality of the whole. Biodynamic plants are grown in living soil, free from chemical fertilizers or hydroponic growing. Learn more about the artisans who lovingly grew and prepared this cacao.

The love and care of this cacao paste really did start from the root.

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Weight 250 g
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Chunks, Pre-chopped