Why Cacao Paste?

Why Cacao Paste?

Why Cacao Paste: we make a pretty big deal that we exclusively supply cacao paste. What’s with all the hoo-ha?

For us – the most essential difference is the taste. You could think of it like artisan ground coffee beans v instant. Cocoa and cacao powder have had the cocoa butter milled out of them, leaving a pallid, chalky powder. By retaining the cacao butter, our whole bean paste preserves the full and rich flavour that is quintessentially chocolate!

Our 100% pure, whole bean cacao paste delivers tons of incredible health benefits that are literally stripped away in the processing of cacao beans into cocoa. While cacao powder does retain some of these benefits, cacao paste is not only more natural, but it retains the highest levels of essential minerals, antioxidants and all the mood boosting, heart opening qualities that cacao is renowned for! We are so fascinated with the benefits of cacao paste, we brought it all together to share with you >>>

Paste not powder

Ancient Wisdom of cacao

Our cacao paste is prepared in the same way as it has for thousands of years – fermented and sun dried to perfection.

Natural Cacao UK

100% pure whole bean cacao paste. Nothing else! Just as Mother Nature intended. Many cocoa powders are treated with alkaline solutions. We are completely chemical free.

Healthy Cacao

 Cacao is the richest naturally occurring source of magnesium. The richest plant based source of iron… you guessed it – cacao!

Delicious cacao paste

Our cacao paste retains the cacao butter – just like chocolate. The taste is richer, fuller & decadent.

Cacao beans

Why Cacao Paste: the Processing Steps

Learn how Cacao Artesanos paste goes from bean to mug and how our process is more natural & traditional than powder forms.

Cacao paste v powder

What about cocoa? It can be a bit complex, (each producer may follow a slightly different approach), but generally cocoa goes through process similar to cacao powder, but is roasted at higher temperatures. Look out for references to ‘Dutched cocoa‘ on packages. ‘Dutched cocoa’ (the cocoa you most likely grew up on) is even further processed by adding an alkali treatment, such as sodium bicarbonate, during the milling process.

Cacao beans

So Many Different Uses!

Because Cacao Artesanos paste uses the whole beans (including the creamy cacao butter), there are SO many delicious uses for cacao paste. From smoothies, to bliss balls, to ganache, granola toppings and more!

Check out some more ways to inject more cacao goodness in your life >>>

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